Duty electricians

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Maintenance of substation equipment with a voltage of 35, 110, 154 kV I degree of complexity and 220 kV II degree of complexity – when servicing the equipment of 220 kV substations of the I degree of complexity, 330 kV substations and 400 kV DC substations.

Ensuring the set mode for voltage, load, temperature and other parameters. Carrying out regime operational switching in switchgears of substations.

Preparation of the workplace.

Admission of workers to operate, supervision of their work.

Acceptance of workplaces in the elimination of emergency situations.

Inspection of substation equipment.

Carrying out small in volume and short-term work to eliminate malfunctions on the shields and assembly of own needs, in the drives of switching devices, in the secondary switching chains of closed and open distribution devices of substations.

Determination of battery parameters.

Commissioning of the ACS TP.

Elimination of the malfunctions of the lighting network and reinforcement with a change in lamps and fuses.