Instrumentation technicians

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Provides operation, maintenance and repair of instrumentation and automation equipment (I&C)

Carries out control over the technical condition and safe operation of equipment, metrological supervision over the condition and use of measuring instruments, compliance with metrological rules and regulations, regulatory documents to ensure the uniformity of measurements

Participates in the development of contracts for the repair and maintenance of measuring instruments, automation and computer technology, monitors their implementation

Develops plans for the manufacture of measuring instruments, automation and spare parts for them

Provides organizational and methodological assistance on the modernization of measuring instruments

Controls the implementation of scheduled preventive maintenance schedules, the production program for the repair of measuring instruments, automation and computer equipment, the quality of equipment repairs, the receipt of measuring instruments and automation at the request of organizational units

Commissioning of devices

Adjustment of relay protection and automation devices

Commissioning of APCS

Commissioning of access control systems